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Vixy - ebook

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Product Description

Vixy by Victoria Alice Buchanan is available as ebook only.

By day, Victoria Buchanan is your average boring secretary, with a wardrobe as bland as her personality. By night, her alter-ego, Vixy, takes over internet chat rooms as a dominatrix that makes men cum with her lascivious thoughts on screen.

During her coffee break at work, Victoria lets Vixy out while she goes to “freshen up” in the bathroom. Hiding in the cubicle, she quickly brings herself to orgasm, thinking she’s alone. After she recovers, she steps out to find the receptionist, Anna, blushing and staring at her. Surprising herself, Victoria glides up to Anna, kisses her fully on the lips and asks if she liked what she heard. Anna, shy as she is, confirms that, indeed, she did like it.

Victoria, confused by the power of her alter-ego, attempts to go back to work, but cannot concentrate. Her boss, Mr. Philson, calls her into his office. Once again, Vixy pops her devious head out and proceeds to seduce him. The entire office hears her screams as he takes her on his desk.

Later that evening, she has a meet-up with one of her online affairs, Dan. The outfit she wears, a slinky dress and stiletto’s, is as different from her norm as her personalities. Vixy convinces Dan to come back to her apartment where they have an unbelievable night of rough sex.

She cannot help but notice that Vixy is starting to take over her day-to-day life. Can Victoria accept Vixy’s domination of her behavior? Will her sexual appetite ever be quenched?

Includes: dildos, lesbian scenes, domination, masturbation, anal and oral sex, spanking, threesomes, puppy play.


To the naked eye, Victoria was pretty average. She was a secretary by day and not a very good one at that. She lived alone, did not socialise or have many friends to speak of. To society, she was nothing but an old lady in waiting... a fact that she was more than acutely aware of.
Victoria’s days consisted of getting up alone and undertaking the usual daily grooming schedule; shower, hair, clothes, makeup... no different from any other woman. Victoria was not unattractive, although she had never had any confidence or self-esteem to allow herself to acknowledge that fact. Her wardrobe was plain, almost purposely so, little colour, little life. It was not difficult to choose which items of clothes to wear; they were pretty much the same. Suits for the office lined up smartly, almost like they were at ease, waiting to be stood to attention. Neatly pressed shirts, all white, with an almost fetish like attention paid to the collars, buttons and cuffs. The trousers were creaseless and long. Skirts all flowed to the knee. Nothing jumped out at you. They were all perfectly placed where they were. The house they lived in was equally clean and well organised. It was definitely a woman's house, although it was missing those additional touches that come when you live life. No family photos in frames, no ornaments received from friends who saw something and thought it was so 'you'. The apartment was just like Victoria; attractive, but void of personality, void of accessories that bring out any features. It was simply clean and well organised.
As she walked into the kitchen, Victoria could feel something stir in her soul. She was wearing one of her many skirt suits, white shirt, comfortable shoes with a small heel, her hair tied back, makeup skin tone and stockings flesh coloured. She thought that once out in public she would easily blend into the surroundings... yet, she never actually did. All her life Victoria had been completely unaware of her own presence and the fact that, even without trying, she could turn heads. However, in the last few months, this had begun to change. She was starting to notice small things that she never had before... had they always been there? Like the way the mailman glimpsed at her legs as he greeted her at the office, the way the guy behind the counter at the coffee shop would be slyly following the buttons of her shirt while he stood behind the machine making her coffee and then flinch when he realised he was looking at her breasts. In particular, she had noticed the way her boss would ask her to his office for trivial things that he could just as easily ring her on the intercom to do. Her beauty was natural, it always had been. It would seem that now, Victoria was starting to believe it.
Deep down Victoria knew she was different; she had a talent, a very unique talent. A hidden talent, one that she held both with pride and great shame at the same time. You see, for years, Victoria had been leading a virtual life. Although her days were mundane and unassuming and her life void of any physical contact, during the evenings she had company. Victoria Alice Buchanan may not have had much self-confidence, but she did have an imagination. Although everything about her was average, at times even below average, her imagination was completely wild, rebellious and untamed. Victoria could not help her high sex drive and, to her annoyance, she needed to bring herself to orgasm a number of times during the day just to feel human. Recently these urges were becoming more frequent and if she noticed any of those aforementioned male gazes, she had found herself retreating to the bathroom so she could bring herself to climax and allow the feelings to subside, so that she could continue to do her work with any sense of normality.
At night, within the safely of her apartment, Victoria would connect online to satisfy those needs... those dark, secret needs that allowed her to play with her desires and, more importantly, the desires of other people. Victoria received great pleasure from the satisfaction of others and loved nothing more than to make people orgasm by the use of only her words on a screen. Victoria did not do webcam, she didn't even own one. To do this would bridge a gap between fantasy and reality that she was not comfortable with. Yet, she loved to talk dirty and was particularly good at using her questions to discover what turned on her virtual partners. Which, once discovered, she would then weave into an erotic fantasy that they could not resist. Men would often want to show her their hard cocks so she could watch them wank as she typed. This she loved, she felt it gave her more control, because she could actually see them twitch as they shot their hot loads of cum all over themselves, their desks, their carpets or wherever they happened to be aiming their cocks. Victoria realised that with very little masturbation, she could also cum hard, while watching these men do the same. The internet was safe for Victoria, it gave her a freedom she had never felt before in her life, the ability to share her thoughts and feelings without the fear that she of being wrong, being criticised. All her life she had believed she was worthless as an individual and had never allowed herself to think differently. She was sure of one thing, if she ever allowed this secret talent to go free, there would be no turning back.

Artist Credit

George Swift Photography - www.george-swift.co.uk

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