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Where the Rebel Flag Still Waves

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Product Description

Where the Rebel Flag Still Waves by Zoey Marcel

In 1861 an outlaw assumes the name James Dunn and hides in Charleston to escape Sully, a demon who is stalking him. When James meets Sonnet Legare, an innocent Southern beauty, he knows she’s the woman he’s seen in his dreams for years, his angel.

His best friend, Beau Riley is a grizzly bear shifter who recognizes his mate in Sonnet. James and Beau decide to pursue her together to make her theirs.

The strong sexual pull Sonnet feels toward them challenges every principle she has. She gets engaged to James’ stepbrother, Landon McKenzie, a gentleman that she hopes can keep her ladylike. Little does she know James and Beau are not above playing dirty to get her.

Things get even more complicated when Rashad, a were-lion, comes into Sonnet’s life. She’s his mate and he’s willing to lie in wait for the right moment to make his move.

James and Beau trick Sonnet into marrying them and refuse to divorce her, using every trick in the book to keep her in their bed. Even if they win her, Sully has sworn to unleash hell if James ever finds peace with his angel.

Contains: Graphic threesomes, straight sex, gay sex, forced seduction, spanking, sex toys, double anal penetration, hot wax play, figging, anal fisting, public sex, deflowering, shaving, lesbian sex, anal and oral sex.


James mopped the bar in the dim, empty saloon. Only the kerosene lantern kept the darkness at bay. His dog, Satan sat nearby watching him. “Looks like it’s just you and me, boy.”
“Glad to hear it.”
He jumped when he turned to see the pit bull shift into Sully. “Son of a bitch!”
Sully pounced, taunting him while they wrestled. “So kind of you to take in a stray dog, Jack, but did you never wonder where he came from?”
James shoved Sully off and climbed on top of him, punching his face. “It was you the whole fucking time?”
“Surprise.” Sully overthrew him and straddled him, returning the favor with his fists. He snarled when James became translucent and passed through him. “I can still see you, Jack, or should I use your alias, James, or Jimmy?”
“I prefer James.”
“Then I shall call you Jimmy.”
“Ornery bastard.” James grabbed a chair, tasting blood on his lips.
“I don’t want to hurt you, Jimmy boy.”
James clubbed him on the head with the chair.
Sully fell over and scrambled to his feet, shaking it off. “Then again, you always were a glutton for pain.”
Sully kicked him before being rammed into the wall.
“Come back as a kitten and I’ll drown you!” James threatened.
Sully laughed. “How long do you think you can avoid your angel, James? I know you’re trying to protect her, but why not screw her? I won’t kill her for that. As long as it’s a meaningless fuck you can do whatever you like to her.”
James glared at him. “Get out.”
“Do you remember how good it felt?” Sully purred.
“Don’t you dare pull that thought inserting shit with me.”
“Let the memories come, James. They will whether you want them to or not.”
James grabbed Sully and threw him out the backdoor, locking it. Before he could run upstairs for his cold iron, he was tackled from behind and slammed torso first against a table with his lower body perpendicular to the floor. Claws tore through his shirt and pierced his skin lightly. A trickle of blood surfaced as memories were forced into his head.
“Let them come, James. Remember every detail. Feel me,” Sully’s sinister whisper proved seductive as he cuffed James’ hands behind his back.
With Sully’s hands starting to shift into his reptile-like counterparts, his strength only increased and James had no desire to see his true form. Unwanted memories ran rampant through his head, a disturbing but potent aphrodisiac. He struggled when Sully grabbed his crotch and left his hand there.
“Shh. This is a time of quiet reflection,” he cooed.
“Then why the hell are you still talking?” James flinched when Sully undid his pants and slid them down with his drawers.
“We haven’t coupled in months. Do you know how sad that makes me?” Sully slid his finger up James’ ass and rubbed his prostate.
James struggled, gasping at the shock wave of sensation the lewd contact evoked. The gland throbbed with awareness and his cock stirred. Maybe if he...
Sully snickered. “I know what you’re thinking and it won’t work.”
“Your transparent form. These cuffs have an ethereal spell on them to change with you so you can’t escape. Does it please you to know I bring you gifts specifically catered to your unique qualities?”
“Yes, you’re a gem. Now get the hell away from me.”
“I couldn’t do that to you, James, not when your luscious cock needs me so badly.” Sully ran his hand over the slowly rising length. “You do have a fantastic penis by the way. Did I ever tell you that?”
James smothered a groan.
“You liked the pain too, didn’t you?” Sully withdrew his finger from his bottom, “But only when administered in a sexual context. Your pain tolerance is remarkable.”
James cried out when he felt the rough, biting slap of leather on his buttocks. The strap - he remembered that well. His cheeks felt hot and sensitive as they bloomed beneath the awakening force.
“Your ass is gorgeous when it blushes timidly at my punishment and lovelier still when it bears the welts and bruises of my power.”
“Fuck you,” James gasped as the strap bit at his ass twice as fierce. The brutal fire of the sharp blows were punishing, but proved equally rewarding as the promiscuous memories were injected into his mind by his enemy.
“I love the way your cock comes to life whenever I use and abuse you. It’s like a living, breathing whore completely detached from your very sensible brain, isn’t it?” Sully knelt and caressed his sensitized butt cheeks. “Do you know how many things I want to do with you? It’s been too long.”
“Shortage of partners?” James jerked when Sully split his ass cheeks and licked a line from his puckered hole up his crevice.
“Oh, there were others, but they could never be as good as you. You’re my mate, James, my unintended. Does that please you?”
James stiffened. Sully had threatened to claim him, but he’d never spoken so romantically before. “You’d better not bite me.”
Sully chortled. “Oh, I may nibble on your fine ass, but I won’t be claiming you tonight if that’s what you mean.”
James’ breathing became shallow and broken as Sully rimmed his asshole with his tongue. It had been ages since James enjoyed a filthy screw. Somehow violent encounters and heated words with his enemy inevitably sparked the fires of passion. Sometimes it was the other way around. He couldn’t label it as a relationship turned bad because they never had one. It was a mutual hatred gone horribly wrong. Rage and loathing weren’t supposed to inspire a blazing lust that refused to be denied. Violence shouldn’t awaken an animalistic hunger that exploded into rough, raunchy sex, yet somehow it did.
James moaned wildly when Sully tongue-fucked him. He felt the slick instrument extend and change so it reached his prostate and bathed it in deadly caresses of temptation. Between the dirty oral attention and the way Sully’s hands engaged his nuts and prick, James didn’t stand a chance. The bastard still resurrected erotic memories in his head to make him hornier.
James pushed slowly into Sully’s attentive hand, consumed with hot need and desperation. His cock pulsed and ached too badly to want to fight this.
“That’s it, Jimmy. Fuck my hand. You know you want it,” Sully cooed. He stood and removed the handcuffs. “I’ll be seeing you.”
“Oh, no you don’t, you teasing prick.” James ripped open his shirt just to be an ass and then unfastened his pants.
Sully grinned. “Did that make you feel avenged ruining my shirt like that?”
“It did. I’m going to feel really good when I rip your non-lubricated ass apart while you ride me.”
They shed their boots and pants. “Sorry to disappoint you, but I lubricated my ass before I came.”
James jerked Sully on top of him on the table. “Oh, so you can give pain, but you aren’t man enough to take it?”
Sully winked at him. “My pleasure lies in giving pain, whereas yours lies in receiving it. You know that, lover.”
“I’m not your lover, you little shit.”
James couldn’t believe how good Sully looked. Seeing him always pissed James off and aroused the hell out of him. Sully’s short flaxen-blond hair looked soft and inviting, and his slanted silver-blue eyes glowed with salacity. His shirt hung open to reveal a ripped torso and his strong, hairy legs instilled further temptation where they rested against James’ hips and thighs. Sully’s sac hung heavy between his hard thighs and his bulging cock rode up to his belly.
James barely managed to refrain from licking his lips.
Sully spread his butt cheeks and lowered himself while James guided his erection into the hole. They groaned at the forbidden union of their bodies. The man’s rectum consumed his swollen appendage like a possessive glove, enveloping him in slick, searing heat.
“Play with my goods.”
“Ask me nicely.”
Sully dug his claws into James’ hip, drawing blood. “Please.”
James moaned at the rush being cut inspired. It never came alone. Pain and pleasure were its constant allies. “That’s better.”
Sully moved up and down on his cock, dragging the breathless gasps and mewls of delight from them. “Do you want it fast or slow?”
“Just fuck me.”
Sully pumped him swiftly while James fondled the man’s balls and jerked his shaft toward abandon. The decadent sounds of their wayward grunts and panting were concealed by the security of the empty saloon. Only the mirror behind the counter saw their illicit coupling, but it was sworn to eternal secrecy. Fated to remain silent no matter how badly it wanted to reveal the graphic liaison it witnessed.
“Take your necklace off,” Sully rasped.
“Not a prayer. I’m not your fucking blood mate. You only want to claim me so you can torment me forever.” James’ husky timbre sounded like a madman out for blood...or flesh.
Sully grinned. “Isn’t it worse to be threatened with the inevitable? If I claimed you, you wouldn’t dream of fighting me. You’d never want another. We’d be bound eternally and irrevocably. Now what could be the harm in that?”
“You’re a demon.”

Artist Credit

Aleksandr Doodko & Sergios

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