A Woman's Servant: The Second Semester - ebook

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  • ISBN: 9781938897801
  • Page Count: 121
  • Publish Date: 08/29/2014
  • Word Count: 46378
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A Woman's Servant: The Second Semester by Chris Bellows

The feminized servant of Nurse Cummings returns for a second semester and, in being quickly re immersed in servitude, her ‘education’ progresses. With maid service perfected, the serving girly boy of Nurse Cummings learns to offer her charms to all, despite her disdain...despite her reluctance. Sensory deprivation breaks the will and, though harsh, a delighted owner transforms her naked servant into a thoroughly pliant and willing purveyor of sexual delight... for all genders. As with all Chris Bellows novels, we warn the readers that this book is not for the timid, first-timer to Female Domination. Mr. Bellows has the gift of description in his books; so much so, that you feel every snip, every slit and every, single ounce of pain the poor servant is put through.

Feminization, bondage, crossdressing, the humiliation of public nudity, and a smattering of forced male on male intertwine as Nurse Cummings continues to mold... A Woman’s Servant.

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