Alice Marlow
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Alice Marlow

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art © Maksim Shmeljov -
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  • Page Count: 240
  • Publish Date: 12/27/2019
  • Word Count: 74949
  • Item #: PF4388
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Alice Marlow by Dominic Ridler

Desperate to get away from her oppressive Victorian father, and aroused by her friend Charlotte’s ecstatic descriptions of married life, Alice marries a young clergyman. Unfortunately he’s more dictatorial than her father is and shows no interest in the sex. When Alice rebels, her husband has her confined in an asylum.

Eventually Alice escapes and runs away to London where she’s taken in by Mrs Parker, the kindly Madame of a house of ill-repute. With no money to her name, Alice has little choice but to become one of Mrs Parker’s girls. She’s soon the favourite of magazine publisher Sir Willoughby. He offers her work as a writer, where she draws the attentions Matthew, one of Willoughby’s editors. When two become lovers, they discover a common interest in bdsm.

However, with a husband bent on revenge, it’s not long the young clergyman kidnaps Alice back. Will the luckless Alice be able to free herself from his grasp? Will she and Matthew ever reunite? Or is she doomed to remain trapped in a sexless marriage? One thing is certain, Alice’s odyssey into sexual perversion has only just begun!

Maledom, masturbation, sexual abuse, prostitution, bondage, flagellation, anal sex, fellatio, lesbian and gay sex, voyeurism, group sex, sexual submission and domination.

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