Amazon Island - ebook
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Amazon Island - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art Image © FXQuadro -
  • ISBN: 9781942331551
  • Page Count: 64
  • Publish Date: 07/24/2015
  • Word Count: 98743
  • Item #: PF6235e
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Amazon Island by Lance Edwards

From the Age of Exploration hails this tale of lost souls, lands and creeds. Sent on a Pacific expedition by his licentious wife, a naturalist from Amsterdam barely survives a shipwreck. Washed ashore on a volcanic island, he is immediately seized by the inhabitants – a civilization exclusively of women. Somehow these Sapphic savages have survived and even thrived by sacrificing males to their mountain-goddess.

Condemned to The Hunt, this member of the outlawed gender is tortured, terrorized and deliberately debilitated before being run through a gauntlet into the jungle. Facing hideously fatal rituals upon recapture, he flees into a labyrinth of primeval creatures and treacherous pitfalls. With a thousand fearsome females howling on his heels, the worst seems certain.

Yet the perversions of this particular criminal have unleashed unease in the people. Existing rivalries, curiosities and even apostasies have come into play. A chase with little challenge and a guaranteed gruesome end is soon complicated by sexual issues and appetites at once deviant and delightful, heretical and wholesome. Forces and needs as monumental as they are irresistible drive the fugitive and those vying to claim him on to a cataclysmic climax.

Warning: Those blessed to become the playthings of Amazons should expect to endure constant bondage, beatings, branding and other burning, along with ruthless domination including urinary degradation – not to mention sexual assaults of all kind. Also includes humiliation, cock & ball torture, chastity devices, degradation, piss drinking, face sitting, dildos, milking, bastinado, breath play, anal and oral sex.

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