An Interview With Mrs. Carlotta Fenwick - ebook

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  • ISBN: 9781935897576
  • Page Count: 93
  • Publish Date: 05/30/2003
  • Word Count: 47531
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An Interview With Mrs. Carlotta Fenwick by Chris Bellows

A trendy magazine for independent women sends a talented but inexperienced reporter to profile the life of the world's wealthiest widow. But this is more than she bargained for. She's soon entangled in a breathtaking tale of Female Dominant depravity, which includes flagellation, torture, bondage, suspension, body modification, extensive CBT and general feminine disdain for and complete humiliation of the male. Mrs. Fenwick was brought up in comfort and is well educated. Then her circumstances suddenly changed when she became the wife and captive of a powerful and vicious man. In time she turned the tables, wreaking revenge on her husband and every other male she encounters.

A thoughtful, entertaining story with the expected elements of unmatched perversity for which the author is known. Includes a wide range of graphic Femdom bdsm content.

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