Bottomline Blues
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Bottomline Blues

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image © Eric Simard -
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  • Page Count: 152
  • Publish Date: 05/02/2001
  • Word Count: 45725
  • Item #: PF2036
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Bottomline Blues by Lizbeth Dusseau

Spanking Romance. She’s sassy, frazzled, tempestuous & sexy—her father’s biggest hope and worst nightmare. Can Joel Cameron save her from herself? Daddy hopes so. Given permission to discipline the feisty Samantha Brinkman for her nasty temper, the shrewd, young fellow knows just how to tame the brat. While Samantha is stunned with her new executive assistant, she’s even more stunned when Joel vows to spank her. It’s not long before she’s over his lap, panties down and blushing red. The spankings won’t end with just one. She’s soon coming back for more—on her own—finding a twisted sexual pleasure at the end of each painful episode.

Samantha soon shocks everyone, quitting her job ... but on her own, she misses the thrill of getting spanked. But will seeking out a renowned Spanking Master be the cure for what she needs? Can spanking lead to romance? She hopes so.

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