Boy Next Door - ebook
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Boy Next Door - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art Image © Monika Olszewska -
  • ISBN: 9781942331384
  • Page Count: 166
  • Publish Date: 05/15/2015
  • Word Count: 104440
  • Item #: PF6231e
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Boy Next Door by Lance Edwards

For Claire, a repressed housewife living a sham sex life, the boy next door offers an opportunity too good to pass up. Raised by religious zealots in an ultra-conservative enclave, Claire’s shyness and low self-image have led her into a dreary ‘camouflage’ marriage with a closeted gay man.

Still a virgin at twenty-five, she masturbates to vengeful fantasies about the schoolboy studs who always ignored her. Imagine her mortified surprise to find that her hunky eighteen-year-old neighbor has his own secret life! Seems he’s a peeping tom, a voyeur long obsessed with her! While he’s been doing lawn work, he’s been spying on her! The ungrateful pervert!

However, all this makes the hapless Brian a perfect candidate for some creative payback by an eager Claire. She confronts the boy with what she’s learned about his secret life, and so begins an incredible clandestine affair – one devoted exclusively to Claire living out her angry fantasies. Trading incremental intimacies for punishment, she explores her emerging sexuality while addicting her willing slave to discipline and submission.

In the course of this dalliance with dominance, Claire begins to shed her repressive upbringing. Her appearance improves – she’d pretty damn sexy now! And her confidence grows. But can she develop the self-respect to stand up to her judgmental parents and peers? She’d better. For the far more radical changes in the once-star running back next door are becoming impossible to ignore!

This consensual adventure features bondage, discipline, humiliation, orgasm denial, CBT feminization, hogties, hoods and clothespins, pee-play, cuckoldry, and some really serious pegging.

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