Burning Confessions
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Burning Confessions

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image © Andrejs Pidjass
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  • Page Count: 152
  • Publish Date: 01/01/1998
  • Word Count: 47483
  • Item #: PF2011
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Burning Confessions by Lizbeth Dusseau

Five Sizzling Spanking Confessions… Calley Gallagher tells How I Happen To Be Getting Married, being under Daddy’s thumb—even as an adult. No one escapes her father’s nasty razor strap. Then, What Mother Never Told Me About Badboys turns out to be Andie’s undoing as the head-strong woman finds both punishment and pleasure over her much younger, Harley riding boyfriend’s lap. In The Truth About Paddles and Canes, Lollie submits to her husband, and soon sparks the spanking fantasies of her best friends and their eager husbands. The Bitch, The Baron & The Chambermaid make for a raucous threesome as the Baron and his wife vie to spank the voluptuous chambermaid, Justine. Nasty fem/fem discipline adds a twist of revenge and romance. Finally, in My Private Pleasure, Merrilee seeks a cure for her miserably failed life as Terrence Matherly gives her the firm discipline and love she needs. All five stories in one not-to-miss spanking collection.

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