Christine's Story
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Christine's Story

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art © Skreidzeleu -
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  • Page Count: 212
  • Publish Date: 12/27/2019
  • Word Count: 63616
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Christine’s Story by J. A. Smith

There’s nothing like having experienced friends when it comes to getting a sexual education. For the trim and pretty coed, Christine, her education begins when her friend Linda teaches her how to suck cock using a Popsicle as a training aid. Then it’s Barb, the barista in the campus coffee shop, who moves her into bisexual territory at a tequila tasting party that quickly turns into a pussy tasting. Megan, who she meets at a lesbian bar, introduces her to swinging at a wild swinging party. Then she learns about anal naughtiness from Julie, while Kimber introduces her to toys and vibrators. Sandy and Suzy teach her about dominance, submission, and S& M play.

However, what Christine really wants is love. She’s never had a serious relationship with a man. The closest being Eric, a man in the military who she hasn’t seen in two years. However, when she hears that he’s been injured in combat and is coming home, she jumps at the chance to meet him at the airport. It is possible that they could start something new! It takes just one look at this handsome, mature man in uniform to know that she’s wanted Eric all along, and he’ll be the one to teach her about love.


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