Claire's Uptown Girls - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art Image © Mayer George -
  • ISBN: 9781945648793
  • Page Count: 76
  • Publish Date: 10/12/2018
  • Word Count: 46596
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Claire's Uptown Girls By Don Julian Winslow

You knew when she walked on by that there was something special about that girl.  She had an unmistakable air – stylish, elegant, with the classic looks of a thoroughbred, and the stride of a high fashion model.  She was one of Claire’s Girls, one of those attractive, smartly-dressed young women who caused heads to turn as they strode in their heels down Park Avenue on their way to some discreet rendezvous.  She had been carefully dressed and groomed and shaped to fulfill a very special role, to capture a look, to fit an image meticulously crafted by the sophisticated proprietress of the world's most exclusive escort agency. 

This sensuous narrative includes a series of vignettes, each one highlighting a different girl from the stable of New York’s finest escort agency.  They represent a range of modern women: the brash, uninhibited young girl and the exciting sensually mature woman, the urban housewife, and the girl-next door, the businesswoman in her trim suit, the kinky dominatrix clad all in lather – each with her unique provocative allure.   We follow these young women though their sexual escapades, delving into sex in the city as they explore the outer fringe of the erotic.

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