Clare's Secret
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Clare's Secret

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art © evgeny varlamov -
  • ISBN:
  • Page Count: 176
  • Publish Date: 02/14/2020
  • Word Count: 43932
  • Item #: PF4392
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Clare’s Secret by Charles Ayling

While on a stakeout to locate nine missing women in the California desert, Clare, an attractive young deputy sheriff, witnesses the brutal assassination of her police partner and fiancée. Angered by the poorly handled murder investigation, she quits, only to be hired back as a civilian undercover detective. As she continues her search for the women, her suspicions point to a local three star hotel, where she’s hired into the company.

Within just days, she learns that the hotel is a front for a well organized prostitution ring, with the local police chief and state politicians part of the high profit enterprise. The fact that two of the most notorious leaders of a Mexican Cartel and the Russian Mafia are attending the hotel for a secret meeting suggests that these two giant empires are about to merge. In order to trap the villains and find out who assassinated her fiancé, Clare must pose as an exotic dancer, and then one of the ‘girls’ offering up their special ‘skills’ to the cliental. Before the case is solved she’ll discover the untouched sexuality within her character that will change her life forever. Includes coercion, straight sex, female bisexuality, slapping, threesomes and lots of hot sex!


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