Classmates' Revenge - ebook

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  • ISBN: 9781945648199
  • Page Count: 218
  • Publish Date: 02/03/2017
  • Word Count: 127081
  • Item #: PF6253e
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Classmates Revenge by Lance Edwards

Femdom Erotica. A notorious lothario, Ed Marsh, has more than just a remarkable member. He has an entire school he tends like a private garden, choosing which blooms to groom for eventual plucking. Yet after a decade of such unethical behavior – of heartlessly bedding an endless succession of former student infatuates – his tactics have finally backfired.

Three of his former pupils (now college graduates with a fetish for domination) decide to teach their old professor a lesson. Seduced and coerced into a summer of slavery, Ed must not only suffer the vengeance of women for his many sins. He must also manage the competing demands of his various lovers’ allure – all while being drawn into a deadly conflict with the obsessed stalker of the mistress destined to redeem him.

This story celebrates the kink lifestyle with a lot of bondage, torture, anal play, orgasm control and even sexual asphyxia. While mostly devoted to women dominating men (and other women), men are allowed to dominate women in limited instances.

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