Dick and Jane

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  • Page Count: 252
  • Publish Date: 05/22/2008
  • Word Count: 41808
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Dick and Jane by Charles Arnold

Innocent acts of love and sex in Mary's youth were severely condemned when they were discovered. At the time she was made to feel guilty and dirty, and as she grew older, the condemnation made it impossible for her to love again. As an adult Mary's goal is to corrupt the innocent, blatantly rebuffing the notion of romantic love. When she meets Dick and Jane, a couple living across the hall, she finds a pair of imaginative degenerates with goals similar to her own. Once Mary is introduced to the couple's kinky brand of lust, she joins Dick and the shrewd and ruthlessly arrogant Jane in a quest to corrupt Jane's young stepsister, Sally, and her husband-to-be Bill.

"The three of us together will ruin the two God Damnedest love-struck, tight-assed, fundamentalist shithead, innocent virgins east of the Mississippi!"Jane haughtily declares. Prior to the wedding, a naive Sally agrees to let Jane drive the newlyweds to LaGuardia as they embark on their honeymoon. But instead of a honeymoon in Rio, the pair are drugged and taken to Jane's Long Island home where the diabolical scheme unfolds. The trio of perverts are joined by a stunning black man, Tom...even the dog Spot plays a major role. But to Mary's surprise, and Jane's annoyance, the very dominant Tom holds power over the entire proceedings.

Much of the graphic sex takes place in a high-tech Playroom, with avid voyeurs looking on from a booth above. Elements of Maledom and Femdom are apparent throughout, although roles are mixed, tables are turned, the sexual awakening of the two young people leads to some surprising revelations for all.

Charles Arnold fans beware, Dick and Jane is unlike his previous erotica. Edgy, daring and contemptuous of modern society, this novel is both steamy erotica and a studied treatise on sex and current sexual conventions. Readers can form their own opinions, but it's clear that this novel will be a unique experience in erotic reading. Includes dominance and submission: Maledom, Femdom and Femfem, along with interracial sex, threesomes, bondage, and the ravishment of virgins. While no graphic bestiality is depicted, such activity is implied and discussed within this novel.

Reviewer Tobias Tanner: Take a deep breath with this one. It's going to be a wild ride, with twists and turns aplenty. Be advised, however, that it does not apologize. Don't take my word for it. Read on.

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