Do It Like You Mean It - ebook
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Do It Like You Mean It - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image © Bernd Juergens -
  • ISBN: 9781942331940
  • Page Count: 94
  • Publish Date: 04/29/2016
  • Word Count: 48503
  • Item #: PF4329e
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Do It Like You Mean It by Summer Sterling

Author of 2015 NLA Award Nominees: No Pain, No Gain and Confessions of a Bad Submissive

How dearly must a woman pay for one mistake? When ANNABELLE steals what appears to be a legitimate modeling job from her roommate, she instead finds herself involved in a highly illegal BDSM film project. Abducted, bound, and whipped into submission, she has no choice but to perform every humiliating act in front of a camera and while being filmed. Her every orifice is made available to Brad—a man hired to repeatedly take her by cruel force.

When Annabelle comes to consciousness after an excruciatingly painful scene, she finds she has been drugged and transported into a far worse nightmare. She finds herself in an unknown location, and is told she will either live the rest of her days as her captor’s sex slave, or find herself sold to another man. Her refusal to submit is met with brutal efforts to break her will.

And still, her nightmare is just beginning.


M/f, M/m, humiliation, degradation, whipping, strapping, bondage, nonconsensual oral, vaginal and anal sex.

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