Elena's Lovers
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Elena's Lovers

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image: Gabriel Georgescu, www.shutterstock.com
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  • Page Count: 148
  • Publish Date: Revised Edition 2015
  • Word Count: 38353
  • Item #: PF3007
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Elena's Lovers by Lizbeth Dusseau

This unusual novel will take you into a world where the line between illusion and reality are blurred, and the path to sexual and emotional fulfillment requires a detour down the dark road of the human psyche. Suspend reason for a while, and let "Elena's Lovers" take you on this sensuous and startling journey.

On a beach in Spain, in the Arizona desert, and a busy street in San Francisco, Elena meets the most remarkable men of her life. They spirit her away into mystical and sometimes dangerous realms, teach her truths about herself she never imagined, and bring her breathless sexual ecstasy, only to disappear without a trace. Were they real at all, or just her imagination playing tricks with her sanity?

Lyrically written, with a sumptuous feast of provocative sexual interludes, this captivating story will leave you mystified as you journey with Elena and her lovers into this altered world.

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