Folded, Spindled & Mutilated: A Love Story
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Folded, Spindled & Mutilated: A Love Story

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art © Kuznechik -
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  • Page Count: 204
  • Publish Date: 03/23/2018
  • Word Count: 55085
  • Item #: PF6271
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Folded Spindled & Mutilated by Jurgen von Stuka

Silvia, an internationally known dominatrix, loves two things: reducing men to sniveling, fully trained sissies or ponies and the money she makes while doing this. She is cosmopolitan, intelligent, stunningly beautiful and, of course, very, very rich. She is also one of a very small clique of global Doms who surround themselves with male and TS/TG females and makes a very good living at it. At one of her many luxury properties, Silvia entertains four of her primary subs: all of whom are former men who have been slowly transitioning from male to sissy to pre op TG to completely female players in her scene. Doc Jean, a Marine Corps veteran and former respected New York physician, is a completely converted male to spectacular female. Henry, now Henrietta, is a simpering slob who would gladly kill himself or anyone else if Silvia ordered him to. Anne, the former Arthur, is still in transition, but is a bit conflicted about giving up all of her male parts. And Harvard sophomore, Frank Lehman is totally bonded to Silvia and suffers accordingly. All of her males, or semi males, love Silvia!

Silvia’s most skillful enterprise is developing effective devices to train and prepare her subs for their life as totally indentured sex and service creatures. She uses every technique and devious device to bring subjects to heel and get them to love, like, or at least tolerate the experience. From literally nailing the gonads of one masochistic young man to the wall to intimidating ordinary college students into carrying on intimate relations with their best pals, Silvia uses her looks and skills to the max.

Includes extreme bondage, latex encapsulation, cleansing of the lower intestine, cock and ball enclosures, body penetration in all orifices, forced intercourse among all genders, whip and cane subjugation, suspensions, shibari, sensory deprivation and an endless list of other known and unknown BDSM practices. The subs love it. Silvia loves doing it. It’s the perfect relationship.

And, as noted previously, this is a love story!

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