Four Confessions
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Four Confessions

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  • Page Count: 132
  • Publish Date: 12/29/2015
  • Word Count: 42080
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Four Confessions by Lizbeth Dusseau

The Confessions Of Four Well-Punished Ladies — Bree—an unrepentant naughty girl, has a real lust for bad boys only to find the ultimate "bad boy", Jack, likes spanking her bare bottom to keep her in line. She can't help but submit to this long-haired, Harley riding, renegade with a spirit to match her own.

And independent Kathleen is appalled when her boss implements his law firm's unique policy for making their employees toe the line. Little does she realize how hot the bare-bottomed thrills really are until she takes a spanking of her own. 

Tessa—submits to three intriguing men: Phillip, who introduces her to the erotic pleasure of spanking; Torey, who she "hires" to punish her for promiscuous behavior; and Trent, who may give her all that she really desires in both spanking excitement and in love.

And the young, innocent Rose has her first spanking on her wedding night. When her empty marriage drives her to another man for love, she later pays for her infidelity with a ruthless "going over" she'll never forget.


All four stories in this one volume are for fans of bare-bottomed, over the knee spanking, stern punishment, discipline, hot erotic interludes and (in Rose's story) graphic anal sexuality.

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