His Uprising - ebook

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  • ISBN: 9781945648427
  • Page Count: 95
  • Publish Date: 09/08/2017
  • Word Count: 55826
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His Uprising, by Gregory Allen

Femdom. Alex’s lessons on Kimberly’s brand of feminism are undertaken in earnest following a women’s volleyball match Kimberly makes interesting with a bet. Whether he’s punished or granted sex depends on the grace and agility of the women on the screen. Kimberly, sitting behind him as he watches from his knees massaging her feet, is the woman who ultimately decides his fate. Alex has been a loyal, obedient submissive partner for many years but Kimberly requires more. She senses the beginnings of an uprising, and though Alex pleads that he would never rise up against her or want to, Kimberly needs convincing. His failings are mostly out of clumsiness or shyness but they must still be addressed.

A speech on women’s suffrage Alex learns to properly deliver, aided by both Kimberly’s lavish praise and a regimen of negative reinforcement, leads to an afternoon of his serving her friends from her women’s studies class back in her college days. Alex recites his speech from his knees. Demonstrations of the handiness of a well-trained, motivated servant are also on the day’s agenda. He’s the perfect model of male submission leaving her female friends empowered. But will Kimberly’s demand that Alex push his submission to greater depths lead to that uprising after all? Is there anything Alex won’t do for Kimberly? Will Kimberly’s dominant streak ever be sated by Alex’s efforts to please?

Includes: female domination, male submission, orgasm control, spanking, caning, female body worship, tease and denial, and romantic sex.

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