Holiday at Harrowcroft
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Holiday at Harrowcroft

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image: © kondradbak, Fotolia
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  • Page Count: 152
  • Publish Date: 12/28/2012
  • Word Count: 47918
  • Item #: PF4249
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Holiday at Harrowcroft by Roger Hastings

An airplane drones through the night to a secret rendezvous with terror and ecstasy. The passengers, hundreds of beautiful young girls, blindfolded and strapped into their seats, approach their destiny as the prey of men’s panting lust. Hours later when they land at a clandestine resort named Harrowcroft, Vallerie and her friend, Laura, begin their larger-than-life encounter in nude bondage. When the shock of being fondled and sexually abused by the forced encroachment of always naked horny males, Vallerie’s evolution of intense orgasms awaken her to the pleasure of being subjected to the misfortunes of beauty. The furniture and fixtures everywhere seem designed to accentuate and exaggerate the intimacies of the feminine body. At the welcome dinner, girls are strapped into chairs with backs curved forward, thrusting their breasts forward in invitation for males to explore the pleasures of their twin delights.

The flock of nude beauties are strapped into harnesses that imprison their arms up tight against their backs and shoved into an Olympic-size pool for a frolic on the steaming warm, soapy water while grinning men bathe every intimacy of their skin. More encounters with fantasy theme parks continue to surprise and astonish the girls as they are taken to Ancient Greek temple as captive maidens, an underground maze as they are hunted by makes costumed as minotaurs, dancing as Harem girls while male hands grope them. Vallerie succumbs to the intoxicating need for the incomparable thrill of enjoying the magical thrusting of a male’s wand. When Michael begs her to remain in Harrowcroft, she realizes her true nature. Join Vallerie and her friends for a journey into delights beyond belief.

Includes: Male domination, humiliation, collars, bondage, whipping, role playing and so much more!

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