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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art © Dmitriy Raykin -
  • ISBN:
  • Page Count: 144
  • Publish Date: Revised Edition 2014
  • Word Count: 43160
  • Item #: PF3002
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Hush by Lizbeth Dusseau 

He quickens her heart, awakens her passion, and drives her deep into the enigma of his mysterious past. Photojournalist, Dana Padget, enters the lush world of Lucien Broussard, unsuspecting of his charms and his power to woo her. Engaging her in a gentle but thorough seduction, he fulfills a sexual need in her she long ago dismissed. Even as the romantic passion builds, Dana knows there's danger lurking beneath the surface of the tempestuous affair - in the secrets of Lucien's perplexing house and in the ghost of his murdered wife, Ariel, who haunts its corridors night and day.

In a war of reality versus the supernatual, Dana questions her own sanity, as her love for the enchanting Lucien becomes something that she knows she cannot live without. This romantic novel is brimming with suspense, sumptuous sexual escapades, and a romance that blooms out of nightmares, and fantasy and curious mystical twists.

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