Jocelyn's Rebellion
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Jocelyn's Rebellion

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  • Page Count: 156
  • Publish Date: Revised Edition 2013
  • Word Count: 48708
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Jocelyn's Rebellion by Lizbeth Dusseau
Book Five in the Alexandra Series

With Jocelyn Killian’s high-profile consulting business taking a sudden nose dive, the sassy redhead turns into one rebellious lady, running away with her scoundrel lover from the past, Ian. While Jocelyn’s on her impetuous erotic ride through Europe, her husband, Reggie, turns to another submissive woman, and it looks as if the dominant/submissive "match made in heaven" is forever doomed. Only their dear friend, the irrepressible Alexandra, holds out any hope that their uncommon relationship can survive. But it’s not just Jocelyn rebelling, the sensuously submissive Alexandra must again pay for her own lusty excursions in infidelity. Can her perpetually rocky romance with her husband, Will, can survive? Includes plenty of spanking, bondage, and a host of graphic dominant/submissive sexual encounters to ignite the reader’s wickedly naughty fantasies.

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