Karl's Year in Chastity - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art © George Mayer - Fotolia.com
  • ISBN: 9781935897958
  • Page Count: 151
  • Publish Date: 09/02/2011
  • Word Count: 78401
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Karl's Year In Chastity by Stanley Jeffries

Karl, a good looking Danish guy and Asha, an extraordinarily beautiful Asian woman both work in the UK headquarters of a European cell phone operator. He finds her attractive, intelligent and great company. Asha admits she likes Karl, but when he asks her out, she turns him down and he is puzzled.

While attending a senior management meeting in Prague, Karl suggests that Asha be offered a sales position. She interviews, is offered the job and as a thank-you Asha goes on a date with Karl, during which he tells her he thinks she’s a goddess, and would like to worship her. When she presses him on what he means, he stammers and she suddenly turns cold and ends the date. Baffled, he consults his ex-wife, Freya, who suggests that Asha may have picked up on Karl’s use of the word “worship”, and may be interested in sub/Dom relationships.

At Karl’s flat Asha confirms to him that she is indeed very turned on by the idea of dominating a man. Karl tells her he would like to be her slave. She allows him to give her a foot massage. It goes well, and ultimately she grants him permission to give her oral sex. Luckily, Karl has been trained by his ex-wife in bringing a girl to orgasm and does not disappoint Asha. While teasing his cock gently. she informs him not to expect any sex, and he becomes even more submissive and enthusiastic to serve her.

Karl becomes increasingly besotted with Asha. She is still withholding sex from him, and hints that he will have to earn sexual gratification from her. She buys him a chastity device, and when he agrees to wear it she invites him to her cottage, and shows him the cellars where she would like to build a dungeon. Karl responds enthusiastically to the idea. He finds life in chastity to be a little challenging, but discovers he loves to be tied up and beaten. She delights in sodomizing him with a strap-on and he is humiliated further with his orgasms ruined.

Will Karl be able to last longer than her other chastised boyfriends? Will his wicked Mistress break his worshipping spirit by denying him orgasms?

Includes: Female domination, Female worship, Chastity devices, oral sex, slave worship, bondage, dungeon scenes, spanking, whips and chains, anal plugs.

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