Kept In The Dark - ebook
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Kept In The Dark - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Alenavlad -
  • ISBN: 9781945648373
  • Page Count: 109
  • Publish Date: 07/07/2017
  • Word Count: 64348
  • Item #: PF4347e
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Kept In The Dark by Lucy Hannon

Sharlene is a typical dissatisfied wife with an atypical penchant for self bondage.  Each day she elaborately ties herself, escaping with the help of a time-lapse key. She’s quite satisfied with her naughty kink, until one day she her secret is revealed when she’s caught bound, gagged, blindfolded and helpless in her bedroom.  Her unknown assailant teases and torments her before leaving her high and dry and wanting more. 

Each afternoon, she waits in anticipation, but he will only play with her when she is blindfolded, leaving her to wonder who he is.  She soon begins to see him as her master, as he pushes her to more extremes than she ever imagined, including a chastity belt that she is locked in for days, a spanking that brings her to tears, a butt-plug of eye-watering size, and positions that would make a marathon look easy.She is forced to orgasm and forced to the edge of orgasm with no relief. She is used and degraded, gagged, whipped and humiliated, but through it all, she keeps coming back for more. 

Who is her mysterious master? Is it her successful husband? The rich and attractive businessman she can't keep her eyes off every time they meet? The cable guy or a wayward neighbor? Or someone else entirely?When he finally offers to reveal himself, he gives her an ultimatum.  Will she accept his demands to find out the truth of his identity?

Includes spanking, servitude, bondage, submissive training, punishment, anal play and more, with a touch of mystery interwoven into a story of love, romance, longing and desire.

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