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  • Publish Date: 04/28/2001
  • Word Count: 45020
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Lady Constance by Chris Bellows

An Interview with Lady Constance on D/s relationships for "The American Society of Behavior Modification" begins with a discussion of the Lady's relationship with "boy", a submissive male who's captive at her European clinic - trained and kept in bondage by Jasmine, a powerful black nurse. The reader follows along through boy's morning ritual - interrogation, inspection, cleansing and milking.

In further interviews, Lady Constance tells of the Fem/dom village surrounding the clinic, while a tour of the infamous clinic shows how delinquent young males who have run afoul of the law are rehabilitated into useful submissives.

This is classic Fem/dom fiction with several unique twists making it a fascinating read for those who enjoy a world where women rule and men submit.

Includes bondage, latex, humiliation, bladder control, masturbation, oral sex, cock & ball torture among this narrative's graphic content, all told in the detached, yet intense interview style, which makes this novel's story so shocking. Lovers of inventive fiction will relish this one!

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