Lady Wycherley's Secret - ebook
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Lady Wycherley's Secret - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image © Razoomanet -
  • ISBN: 9781945648564
  • Page Count: 103
  • Publish Date: 01/19/2018
  • Word Count: 65797
  • Item #: PF6268e
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Lady Wycherley’s Secret by Robin Bond

Guinevere is shocked to discover after her marriage to British diplomat Lord Wycherley that her husband is gay. However, she’s determined to make of the most of the situation. Once she gives him a son and heir, which is all that he wants of her, she finds her sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

Guinevere’s friend Lydia introduces her to a circle of dominant women who enjoy disciplining submissive young men, and she quickly discovers she has a taste for such pleasures. She forms an attachment to one of the boys, Johnny, with whom she explores a range of new sexual experiences, including anal intercourse and a threesome with another man. When she meets Edmund, a young man of her own age, she discovers that Edmund is just what she is looking for, a good-looking boy with a submissive nature whom she can train to serve her. Edmund is remorselessly disciplined, caned, whipped, denied orgasmic relief, and forced to perform a series of humiliating acts. She teaches him how to pleasure her with his mouth and his cock, and keeps him, Quite literally, on a tight leash. Later, she takes Edmund to Paris, where she makes him perform sex acts with other men, and cuckolds him with a man she picks up in the hotel while Edmund is forced to watch.

On her return home, Guinevere is stalked by a mysterious stranger, who threatens to make public her husband’s homosexuality unless she steals some important diplomatic papers. It will take the assistance of one ingenious sleuth to protect her husband’s secret and thwart disaster. 

Includes anal sex, threesomes, bondage, spanking and caning, orgasm denial, pegging, face-sitting, forced bisexuality, CBT, cuckoldry, water sports.

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