Lisa, Her Initiation

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art © Charles Arnold
  • ISBN:
  • Page Count: 168
  • Publish Date: 07/27/2001
  • Word Count: 52386
  • Item #: PF4040
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Lisa, Her Initiation by Charles Arnold

Not a romance, or a love story... not for everyone... but those who relish the extremes of female surrender will find this story a hot read. Former detective, Frank, has been watching the sweet, innocent Lisa for months, scheming to take control of her. Plans in place, he shows Lisa and her husband, Billy, a tape that will incriminate her teenage son in a drug deal. In exchange for the tape, Frank proposes that Lisa submit to him completely for 30 days. She has no choice but to agree - finding herself flung into Frank's raunchy world... exhibited in a rowdy bar, paired with men she abhors and forced into sex acts she despises but cannot resist. Husband Billy is forced to hear about every detail, sometimes required to observe, but he's powerless to help her. Includes many graphic sex scenes including dominance and submission, rough sex, inter-racial sex, oral and anal sex and humiliation.

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