Of Castles & Curses & Unfaithful Wives - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art © conrado - Shutterstock
  • ISBN: 9781939916556
  • Page Count: 79
  • Publish Date: Revised Edition 2013
  • Word Count: 44956
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Of Castles & Curses & Unfaithful Wives
by Lizbeth Dusseau

Erin Longmore inherits an English castle from her recently deceased husband only to discover later the fate it holds for unfaithful wives. Caught in a century's old curse she's destined to forsake her lover, Curtis, or risk his death. Marrying a mysterious descendent of her husband's family she hopes to atone for not just her own adultery, but the sins of the wives before her, who were unfaithful to their Longmore husbands. A tale woven between the past and present, Erin flashes back in time to experience the ruthless punishments wreaked on previous Longmore wives, knowing her own will be both terrifying and sexually charged. Intense & graphic punishment scenes with bondage, whipping and anal sex.

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