Off of the Beaten Path
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Off of the Beaten Path

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image: © brickrena
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  • Page Count: 158
  • Publish Date: 03/01/1995
  • Word Count: 43743
  • Item #: PF2017
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Off The Beaten Path

Spanking Romance. A fiercely independent bush pilot, Ashley Bloom, meets her match in Jess Barrow at an out of the way research station in the midst of a South American jungle. Jess refuses to let the strong-willed woman ride roughshod over him. He's quick to take Ashley over his lap for a good sound paddling. In a story that takes them out of the jungle and back to civilization, and into the wilds again, their future seems perpetually "up in the air", but the taste of leather and a bare hand on Ashley's bottom keeps their relationship hot, happy and under control! Lots of OTK Spanking action and a hot Romance

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