On A Short Leash: Creatures of Servitude
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On A Short Leash: Creatures of Servitude

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art Image © Sergios - Shutterstock.com
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  • Page Count: 164
  • Publish Date: 09/20/2007
  • Word Count: 46090
  • Item #: PF4131
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On A Short Leash: Creatures of Servitude by Lindsay Ross

Two lovely and impressionable young females, Chrissie and Susannah, find themselves lured into the world of submission and servitude. Eventually, they'll be trained as human canines, subjected to a strict regimen, profound humiliation and a unique breeding program. Susannah is sent by her parents to the Septimus Grey Academy where corporal punishment is part of the curriculum. She is soon taking some hard licks from Andy Scates and his colleague, the formidable young Emma Holman. Chrissie, meanwhile, is seduced by the same dishy Andy Scates, who will make this willing young woman obediently crawl at his feet and call him master. Andy makes her have sex with an old bum, then give head to three hot studs, and finally sends her off to do nasty porn flicks. When Andy moves Emma into his flat she quickly becomes "Mistress Emma" to the submissive Chrissie.

While Chrissie is taking orders from Emma at home, Susannah finds herself subjected to the ruthless whims of that very same martinet at the Academy. Punishment benches, pillories, gags, bondage and rough humiliation in the school gym soon turn Susannah into a groveling slave to this amazing female.

What neither woman realizes is that they are being painstakingly trained as sex slaves, their passion for submission about to take some shocking turns. Their paths will cross at a training facility where they will take the next step in servitude. They'll become no more than canine bitches who serve for the amusement of the masters and mistresses that own them.

Strong scenes of S&M sexuality, including, bondage, caning, punishment, pain, forced porn performances and prostitution, waters sports, induced lactation, milking and straight, lesbian and forced group sex.

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