Over Her Knee… and Beyond
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Over Her Knee… and Beyond

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  • Page Count: 260
  • Publish Date: 02/02/2018
  • Word Count: 77011
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Over Her Knee... and Beyond by Peter Moon

Collars, canes, paddles, straps and hot Wicked Women! A Collection of Twelve Femdom Tale featuring punishment, discipline and lots of OTK.

From the author or Night Classes, The Velvet Cage and Tales from the Edge.

After repeated hints from her boyfriend, Alvin, Leanne decides to grant him his wish in Teaching Him a Lesson. Then in Waiting for It, after an erotic interlude with his wife, Catherine, Stephen is left in limbo wondering if it will be repeated. And in Male Order, Alex can’t resist responding to a strict lady's advert for a man that knows his place.

In Just Ask¸ Larry is driven to distraction when he discovers a secret about his brother's beautiful wife, Sandra. Then a lonely hospital porter goes to the fleshpot of Soho to fulfill his sexual fantasy in All in the Mind. And it’s quite a meeting when the ten Ladies in Leather hold their annual meeting accompanied by their ten male assistants.

With conflicting accounts to consider, it’s up to the reader to decide which is the correct version of events in Stand Corrected. Meanwhile a young lodger won’t be forgetting

His landlady, Mrs. Spearing in Different Times. And when Elizabeth discovers her that husband has a dark secret, she’s ready for revenge in The Deal.

Then right from an early age, Cassidy knows who she should be with and what she should do to him in All That She Wants. And in Non Ducor, Duco, there’s an unexpected problem with discipline in a future society run entirely by women. Finally, a budding dominatrix spells out a fierce ultimatum to her boyfriend in The Final Warning.

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