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  • ISBN: 9781936173037
  • Page Count: 73
  • Publish Date: Revised Edition 2016
  • Word Count: 43892
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Primitive by Lizbeth Dusseau

D/s Romance. In the sumptuous climate of a tiny South Seas Isle, the prim virgin, Camille, is betrayed by her ruthless stepsister, Lydia, when she takes her to Llewellyn, a white man who’s turned savage by the teaming jungle. Although she’s initially angered by Lydia’s scheme to get rid of her, the masterful Llewellyn knows that Camille hungers to have her wild sexual nature set free. At the same time, he refuses to take her without her consent, knowing that she’ll eventually give in to her sexual desires. His two dark-skinned native servants engage in a slow and sensuous seduction, until Camille finally begs to be deflowered. And so begins the odyssey of her transformation from virgin maid to sexual libertine.

Conquered by Llewellyn’s loving domination, she dives into a primitive lust, becoming a willing submissive to her master, and a queen in his remote jungle world. For the scheming step-sister Lydia, there will be a dramatic confrontation with the “new” Camille, leading to some surprising results and a fitting end.

This new 2016 updated version includes an all new prologue

A provocative feast of psychological D/s, written in Camille’s own words. Includes: D/s sexuality, sensuous bondage, punishment, multiple partners, interracial and erotic training. HAE

“You can’t go primitive in the jungle without going wild. You can’t dive into darkness without giving the darkness a sign of your savagery.”

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