Salim's Slaves
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Salim's Slaves

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  • Page Count: 236
  • Publish Date: 05/17/2013
  • Word Count: 67321
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Salim's Slaves by Denise la Croix

Kerry Smith innocently goes for an interview which swiftly turns into a nightmare as the beautiful young woman is abducted and sold on by the sinister Trader, Salim, to a man only known as The Master. She and a lovely black submissive called Amber, whom the Master already owns, undergo many frightening rituals to slake the lusts of his guests. The girls finally escape and are rescued by sex starved Commandos. This is the beginning of their next adventure on the Island of Taransay, off the Coast of Scotland. There, a top secret laboratory is experimenting on humans to become Super Submissives to Salim's buyers. Will the two girls escape or are they doomed to be helpless slaves forever to satisfy the depraved lusts of anyone their masters want them to serve? Now read on...

This novel was originally printed in paperback form by Silver Moon in 2006, who are now out of business, or so they say. It was then titled as Ultimate Slaves in paperback form. It was also as 2 ebooks by A1adult books around the same time, in ebook form. It has now been revised and extended and made into one book.

Includes: Male Dom, some Fem/Fem Dom & BDSM and pony girls and boys.

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