Sarah's Steed

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  • Page Count: 176
  • Publish Date: 01/12/2018
  • Word Count: 51920
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Sarah's Steed by Orlando

Sarah’s husband has always dreamed of having his wife dominate him, but it was never something that she wanted.  That is until one day she surprises him, locks up his penis and enslaves him. His fantasy has become a nightmare! 

He is taken to a ranch where Bridgett, the cruel female proprietor, turns wannabe slave boys like him into ponyboys.  She also believes in a full training regime, including toilet service, personal female satisfaction and a rigorous program that trains a slave as to how to properly satisfy a man with his mouth.  Instead of a fantasy that leads to sexual satisfaction, his life becomes a hell beyond his wildest imagining.  Used as a pony to race against others for sport, used as a toilet, used as a vessel to satisfy other men and, above all, a tongue to give pleasure to jaded women. 

When his training period is over he returns home as his wife’s slave.  Sarah seems perfectly happy with the new status quo. But when she takes a lover, he’s forced to serve both of them. Not surprisingly, she gets bored and enslaves the lover, too. Can his life get any worse?  Yes, it can.  She divorces him and sells him to the pony ranch owner, Bridgett, where he spends his days as a pony and his nights are spent between some woman’s legs or with his mouth wrapped around some asshole’s penis. No hope for his own sexual relief. 

Then, when his wife comes to visit, he contrives a plan to get her to take him back.  All goes as he planned but in the end, she leaves him at the ranch, explaining that, after all, he is just a slave and any time she wants the great attention he can give her she can stop by and get it.  He is broken.  His life is over.  The end?  Well, not really as…

This book contains virtually all of the usual fantasy Femdom kink you’ve come to expect from Orlando. Enjoy!

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