Secret Fantasies Fulfilled & Then Some - ebook

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  • ISBN: 9781939916372
  • Page Count: 151
  • Publish Date: 08/09/2013
  • Word Count: 86219
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Secret Fantasies Fulfilled... And THEN Some by JG Leathers

We all have secret fantasies and most of the time, that’s what they remain, or should.  JG-Leathers presents us with another tale of a man’s darker dreams brought to reality, when Alexander’s internal pressures finally become too much to bear.  When he reveals his secret fantasy to his wife, he has no idea of how dramatically his life is going to change.  Alex asks for her assistance in experiencing a night of fetish-filled bondage, even though until this point she had not participated in his kink and fetish life.  She decides to give it a try and he soon attains what he has so desperately craved to experience, and wants more.

This first time for his wife proves to be a surprisingly enjoyable one, so much so in fact, that she immediately asserts her new-found power.  He’s more than willingly at first and thrilled with the changed dynamic between them, as strenuous as her conditions become.  Alex had thought the images of his darkest fetish interests were safely hidden in a secret file on his home computer, but his wife soon discovers the breadth of these, then begins to act on them also.

Soon, ALL of his long-hidden interests begin to come true and Alexander’s world changes beyond all recognition.  She now makes sure that he remains always locked into both his chastity belt and the wide cuffs and collar he’d thought of as toys.  Until his revelation, Alex had always controlled the keys, but now she owns them and there are no spares, and no escape.  Alex becomes her slave, now always leashed, then soon, she insists that he accept intimate piercings, constant bondage, restraint harnesses, and all types of other things he’d only dreamt of.  However, much to his growing horror it all becomes an integral part of his life, then she invites new found kink friends to help her administer his new existence as her Torment Toy.

JG-Leathers’ powers of vivid, descriptive detail will easily place you in Alexander’s position, or as one of his controlling Mistresses, ensuring that he never escapes his secret fantasies, now fulfilled.

Includes: transvestism, piercings, severe bondage, rubber, male and female milking , body modifications, torment, chastity belts, steel restraints, disciplining jewellery.

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