Sentenced to Heaven - ebook
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Sentenced to Heaven - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image © Dm_Cherry -
  • ISBN: 9781942331865
  • Page Count: 283
  • Publish Date: 11/27/15
  • Word Count: 158246
  • Item #: PF6239e
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Sentenced to Heaven by Lance Edwards

Sentenced to Heaven centers on Rachel Blaine, a badly damaged rape victim, prison guard and ex-military torturer who avenges her violation by abusing deserving convicts. Alex Downing is the pampered scion whose equally unpunished DWI immolates her husband and baby girl. Filled with murderous outrage and suicidal guilt respectively, the two collude in Alex’ abduction with the intent to correct such corruption. While his parents are pulling strings to spare their heir and are scrambling  to find him, the embittered interrogation expert begins fulfilling their pact to torture the repentant baby-killer to death. So begins an extremely kinky, exceedingly unlikely, unbelievably redeeming love story.

This celebration of female domination explores bondage, torture, orgasm policing and pegging.

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