Shakespeare's Brat
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Shakespeare's Brat

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  • Page Count: 148
  • Publish Date: Revised Edition 2014
  • Word Count: 41607
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Shakespeare's Brat by Lizbeth Dusseau

Spanking Romance. Over-the-knee Fireworks! A road show production of The Taming of the Shrew turns into a boisterous battle between the director, Orlando Shakespeare, and his bratty head-strong star, Tempest. Manipulative and unrepentant, only a good spanking will make this actress behave. She’s even made to endure a humiliating over-the-knee punishment in front of the whole cast! Yet, as the stormy confrontations between the pair turn into a raging battle for control, there are explosive and sometimes erotic results. When the spanking turns sensuous, the bratty star learns the pleasure of submitting to a dominant man—as well as the pain. There are lots of hot spanking scenes and some very anal sex, as this robust 20th century story borrows from times past for a classic tale of romance and surrender.

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