Sophie & The Society

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  • Page Count: 224
  • Publish Date: 10/16/2003
  • Word Count: 63947
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Sophie & The Society by Fidelis Blue

Sophie is young, beautiful and has a successful career in the City. Her passionate affair with Roberto, an Italian banker, soon progresses beyond conventional sexual attraction, as she discovers a deep longing for discipline and the pleasures of submission. In a series of sexual escapades of increasing daring, he tests the limits of Sophie's desires. Eventually Roberto's friend Alex invites them to become members of the Society, a secret and tightly regulated fraternity of men who hold their women in common. As a "Subject" of the Society, Sophie consents to an elaborate initiation ceremony, at which she vows to make herself available to any member who requires her. Soon she is in demand, summoned at a moment's notice to the apartments and offices of the Society's members.

In London, Paris, and New York, Sophie willingly subjects herself to the perverse desires of dozens of men, each time returning to Roberto to make a full confession and accept whatever penalty he imposes. When Roberto leaves for a month, giving her to Alex while he’s away, she undergoes a course of strict erotic training. In the ultimate test of her submission, just how far will Sophie go to prove her love for Roberto?

This story of lust, submission and daring choices includes masters and slaves, control, humiliation, oral/anal sex, exhibitionism, bondage, spanking, multiple partners, double penetration and some femdom erotica.

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