Spontaneous Combustion
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Spontaneous Combustion

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image © Igor Borodin, Shutterstock.com
  • ISBN:
  • Page Count: 320
  • Publish Date: 4/8/2014
  • Word Count: 102712
  • Item #: PF1106
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Spontaneous Combustion by Lizbeth Dusseau

A Master slave Romance. The story of Jack and Jeni begins with a chance meeting on the Internet, and an easy exchange of emails. However, from the moment the conversation begins, something almost monumental stirs inside of Jeni. Her libido is all fired up – what she’s not felt since she put her love life on hold following the tragic loss of her husband. She and Jack share their darkest secrets, pictures of their kink toys, and discuss the terms of the relationship they desire – as if this could actually happen.  

One night, in the wake of a savage thunderstorm, Jeni awakens, driven to her computer with a graphic tale of a Masterful man and a surrendering female being bound to a tree, whipped, sexually used, and ultimately loved. She sends the piece to Jack and the next morning, he calls. He’s no longer the mild-mannered man she’s spoken to before, but the Master – her Master by the sound of it. She’s shaken and aroused as he rattles off his first instructions. It’s clear he’s taken charge of her – maybe just fantasy, maybe real, but her body instantly responds.

When they move into real time, Jeni’s stunned by the Jack’s uncanny knowledge of her. She’s breaking rules and crossing sexual barriers she once thought set in stone. But is she ready to be, not a sub, but Jack’s sex slave? She needs to decide, because that’s where the affair is headed.

But all is not perfect in real time. Soon enough, the two crash land in midst of the messy reality of their other lives. And they have their hesitations, too. Both have been wounded by love. Neither wants to be hurt again. Can they navigate the murky waters of life and still maintain the kinky vision that brought them together? Can a relationship based on fantasy turn into Love? For a Masterful man and a surrendering female coming together in the middle years of their lives, the answer isn’t easy.

The story moves from one sizzling scene to the next as it weaves a tale of love, loss and finding intimacy again. Includes hot Master slave sex, a slave night out on the town, a private exhibition before Jack’s friends, as well as collars, whips, chains and floggers, steamy hot S&M sex, all you would expect of a BDSM romance.

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