Sub U
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Sub U

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art Image © Fotoskat - Adult Stock Photo
  • ISBN:
  • Page Count: 244
  • Publish Date: 09/14/2018
  • Word Count: 63081
  • Item #: PF4366
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Sub U by Saundra Brookes

Revised for 2018 with a surprising new ending!

Dayton Hargrave, a successful and privileged man, is engaged to marry Bobbie in six months. Just when he resigns himself to a life of all-too-vanilla sex, he accidentally discovers a business card for a secret and high-security facility that offers a solution to his unsatisfied need for domination of Bobbie. The ad reads:

When her obedience is key Call 1-800-555-SUBU Confidentiality guaranteed

Obedience. The one word summarizes all that has been left unsaid and undone in his relationship with Bobbie, namely, the conquering of her virgin ass. Dayton calls the number on the card and soon contracts with SUB U to undertake the training of Bobbie in submission and anal sex.

Upon her arrival at the facility, Bobbie awakes drugged, stripped, and bound to a bed. Her trainer, Dr. Travis, has her held down by four men, forcing her to submit to her first lesson, one of absolute humiliation and subjection. And as if her situation could not be worse, she is told she was not kidnapped to be held for ransom, rather, it was her fiancé who sent her to be trained to please him sexually. Devastated, she attempts an escape, which earns her an excruciating whipping. Yet her real training in submission has not even begun. Bobbie is lashed and spanked for her continued disobedience, and subjected to daily anal training and rape by machine. Dr. Travis uses every method available to violate her virgin asshole and bring her into anal submission. Yet all involved have underestimated Bobbie’s strength and Dayton’s weakness as his life begins to spiral out of control. And no one would have ever suspected that SUB U would teach Bobbie the real truth about Dayton and, more importantly, herself. And even Dr. Travis must wonder who is the teacher and who is the student as Bobbie’s resistance requires him to ramp up the humiliation and intensity of her anal training.

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