Subjugated Men - ebook

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  • Page Count: 71
  • Publish Date: 05/18/2018
  • Word Count: 35118
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Subjugated Men by Orlando

From the Author of Violated Men, Degraded Men and Sarah’s Steed, comes another collection of hot Femdom Stories. While some are soft, and some are sweet, and others shockingly harsh, each one is sure to be horrifying by the time you reach the finish. Features desiring submissive men who find their long held sexual fantasies turning into real-life nightmares of sexual slavery to cruel and demanding women.  From “The Large Brown Paper Bag”, where what starts as a minor request by his bride-to-be turns into a slippery slope that leads to full blown slavery, to “The Guy Under the Table”, where a chance encounter in a bar becomes a life of servitude, each of these stories develops that special feeling only well written femdom can generate.  If you are a femdom fan you will love this book! Includes watersports, forced bi, chastity, cuckolding, forced cunnilingus, feminization, forced masturbation, toilet slavery, caning, doggy training, shock collar control and castration to name just a few of the kinky practices you’ll find throughout this new collection of stories.

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