The Capture of Archer Cordell - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image © Mayer George -
  • ISBN: 9781945648410
  • Page Count: 93
  • Publish Date: 09/22/2017
  • Word Count: 55630
  • Item #: PF6263e
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The Capture of Archer Cordell by Robin Wilde

Femdom Erotica. In the 21st century, slavery, both voluntary and involuntary, has become legal. Needing money, sexy Sabrina Swann sells herself into indentured sexual servitude and is purchased by a millionaire, jet-setting businessman Archer Cordell, who dominates her ruthlessly. Countess Esmerelda is a Female Dominant who is equally ruthless in business. Now she plans to take control of Archer. During a business trip to her estate, Archer and Sabrina are drugged and become trapped in the Countess' cunning web. Taken to her elaborate dungeon, the helpless Archer submits to bondage, sex machines and brutal tickling, facing submissive desires he never knew he had. Sabrina, meanwhile, must act in order to save her boss-owner from the powerful Countess. Can she save him in time, and if so, what happens to Sabrina's relationship with Archer. Who's on top? And who submits?

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