The Leather Mask

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  • Publish Date: 01/21/2009
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The Leather Mask by Alexander Kelly

When the mys­terious mistress Mrs. Smith lures pretty, young Dawn Flynn into the BDSM club the Velvet Glove, the unsuspecting novice walks in on a severe punishment session, and she can’t shake the image. Afterwards, her imagination is filled with extreme SM fantasies; and after a long weekend, she impulsively quits her job and joins the Velvet Glove, exactly as Mrs. Smith planned. With hopes of finding the right Dominant partner, Dawn submits to a rigorous training program. Agreeing to the club rules, she’s ‘forced’ into a lesbian encounter, is made subservient to the butler Wilson and his rod of discipline, and becomes the entertainment at a social event. During her training she lives in a small bare room and is subjected to a number of masters—male and female, who teach her about the total surrender required of her new lifestyle.

But when an eager Dawn hears of the itinerant underground SM club, the “Leather Mask”, and wants to know more, Mrs. Smith flatly refuses to address her questions. She later learns through her Mistress’s client, Janelle, that the Leather Mask is currently open in a nearby location and she is enticed to join her. Once there, Dawn submits to an anonymous Dom in a rough scene that nearly breaks her. The depths of her submission are as disturbing as they are thrilling. On hearing of Dawn’s subterfuge, the furious Mrs. Smith sends her to the Solitude Tank, where suspension and sensory deprivation demand that this young sub confront her inner demons.

As Dawn’s story unfolds, so does that of the enigmatic Mrs. Smith. The woman has her own reasons for enticing Dawn into the world of SM, ones that could have far reaching consequences for Dawn and seriously hamper her own desire to have the D/s relationship she so desires.

This intriguing and suspenseful tale combines both the male and female domination of the submissive female. A contemporary tale, graphic content includes dungeon scenes, tight bondage, exotic devices, Victorian costumes and slave training. Consensual.

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