The Lodge
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The Lodge

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art Image © Vasilchenko Nikita -
  • ISBN: 9781938897498
  • Page Count: 118
  • Publish Date: 05/16/2014
  • Word Count: 56637
  • Item #: PF6211
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The Lodge by Gregory Allen

Paul is clipped by Destiny, his favorite dancer at The Lodge, a club where the entertainers carry leashes and target patrons wearing collars to lead to the private dance area. Collar boys pay double the usual rate to kneel while the dancers perform towering over them. Destiny teases Paul about how long it her to see him with a collar on. As his dance ends, she spanks him while he stoops and kisses her foot. She assigns Paul to be a regular on a weeknight for more time with her when the club is less crowded. He pays a leash fee for the privilege. He fetches her water, massages her feet, and crawls at the end of her leash through the club to aid her in attracting more collar boys. For her birthday, Destiny has Paul assist her in a stage show. She leads him around the stage, rides him for $50 by sitting on his face, and has him stand in for her birthday belting.

He willingly endures intense humiliation and punishment to remain graced as Destiny's favorite club customer. When he upsets her, he purchases time with her in the champagne room, where he is stripped naked and displayed to her fellow dancers. Destiny permits them to punish Paul before delivering his final punishment herself, and then allowing him to demonstrate his contrition by kneeling behind her and reverently kissing her ass. When Destiny discovers Paul has been spending money on her beyond his means, he is punished again, but some surprising commands demonstrate to Paul that his hired mistress is a caring guide in his life.

Includes: female domination, spanking, club scenes, ass play, foot worship, humiliation, masturbation, collars, degradation, pole dancing, and lap dances.

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