The Professor's Pet - ebook
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The Professor's Pet - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image © Victoria,
  • ISBN: 9781934349250
  • Page Count: 116
  • Publish Date: 06/02/2006
  • Word Count: 68577
  • Item #: PF6092e
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The Professor's Pet by Lance Edwards
A Femdom Novel from the author of the best-selling Slut-Boy Stories

Naivecollege freshman, Ben James, becomes infatuated with his Chemistry professor, Dr. Teri Teasel - something Ben has difficulty hiding when his abnormally large penis catches the professor's eye. It seems that Dr. Teasal has complementary problem: a weakened pelvic floor, which makes her 'box' too big for an ordinary erection. But once she sees the humiliating evidence of Ben's equipment, she seduces him for an evening experiment in sex, which turns out exactly as she planned. Now every Friday evening, Ben arrives at the mansion with instructions for pleasing this wickedly cunning femme fatale. Little does he know that Dr. Teasel's intentions go far beyond sex! She immediately begins a course of drugs and hypnosis intended to make the vulnerable boy her lifelong slave.

Ben is conditioned to fear and crave discipline, bondage and sexual service. He spends the month being introduced to spanking, paddling, caning, whipping and finally humiliation. While his twisted but thrill relationship with his professor blooms, his schoolwork and performance on the soccer field suffer - soon, he's about to lose his scholarship and his ties to vanilla society dwindle. All according to the doctor's plan. He can't help himself when under the woman's beguiling power. But soon, with nowhere left to turn, Ben's forced to accept a future as a lifelong slave husband to his demanding and alluring Mistress.

Ben's stunning descent into abject slavery is told it rich detail with plenty of graphic content, including S&M, bondage, hogties, punishment, orgasm denial, CBT, fetish clothing, fantasy age play, puppy training, oral and anal strap-on sex and more, all sure to please fans of Femdom erotica.

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