The Spanked Into Submission Collection - ebook

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  • ISBN: 9781942331315
  • Page Count: 240
  • Publish Date: 03/27/2015
  • Word Count: 142203
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The Spanked Into Submission Collection: Femdom Short Stories of Humiliated Men by Lee Allen

Take a wild journey into the world of Female Domination with these Sizzling hot tales.

This unique collection begins with the five short stories that inspired the author’s novel, Obedience Training of the Stepford Men: Pain, Humiliation, & Change). In Spanked Into Submission Bruce has one too many one-night stands and ends up being swatted into submission on a public beach, stripped of his possessions, and taken to an off-campus house where he becomes a sex slave to ten sexy coeds. Then in Ad Man, Tom has a bad habit of beating up other guys in front of their dates, that is, until he’s set-up with a female wrestler who totally dominates him in public. And In A Young Man’s Six Week Journey into Slavery, Rob Benson is caught stealing a chalice from a church as part of his initiation into the Rangers Motorcycle Club. He agrees to stand in a ‘sinner’s box’ in front of the congregation in lieu of dealing with the police, but ends up with a lot more than he ever bargained for from the Reverend and his sadistic daughters. Also Human Fountain and The Young Doorman, and three new bonus stories. Bobbie's Submissive, Jackson Cheats & Pays, and On The Edge.

Includess: dildos, whipping, public humiliation, brainwashing, CBT, cock cages, nipple clips, spanking, light bondage, degrading manual labor, strenuous exercise, face sitting, ass licking, body shaving and housecleaning duties.

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