The Sweet Wife - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art © Ludovic Goubet
  • ISBN: 9781935897088
  • Page Count: 85
  • Publish Date: 10/29/2004
  • Word Count: 48555
  • Item #: PF4086e
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The Sweet Wife by Charles Arnold

As Maureen recoils from the beastly brute, Travis demands they go to the bedroom where she warily performs for him as he demands, kissing him and sucking his monster cock. Becoming increasingly aroused, Maureen finally begs the man to fuck her.

The wild orgasm leaves her shaken, and though she vows never to see him again, she's unable to resist his powerful allure. Struggling desperately with her conscience, the urges for this foul man compel her to use the children's Christmas money to purchase the expensive clothes Travis insists she buy. Then 'dressed to kill', she goes to a seedy black bar where she's humiliated by Travis and his friends.

Though ashamed of her sluttish behavior, again and again Maureen returns to Travis. Soon she is sent to The Captain who has plans to make her a whore for wealthy black men while under Travis' control. In a final humiliation, the Captain demands she bring along her blonde, virgin sister for him to use. Though sickened by her own behavior, the lust-driven Maureen is on the verge of giving up everything to become Travis's woman.

Told in Arnold's candid and graphic style, this inter-racial story of sexual surrender and degradation includes coersion, exhibitionism, intense oral, anal, straight sex and some lesbian sex.

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