The Taming of Archer Cordell - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image © Mayer George -
  • ISBN: 9781945648526
  • Page Count: 100
  • Publish Date: 11/17/2017
  • Word Count: 57875
  • Item #: PF6266e
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The Taming of Archer Cordell by Robin Wilde

Femdom Erotica. Early in the 21st century, slavery, both voluntary and involuntary, has become legal. It's been several years since Archer Cordell was freed from the clutches of The Countess Esmerelda by the resourceful Sabrina. The Countess is still furious at Archer's escape, and has bent all her wiles to enslave him ... this time by framing him for crimes he didn't commit. Archer comes before a corrupt judge, whose son is Esmerlda's captive. The innocent Archer is swiftly sentenced to slavery, however, before the Countess can complete her purchase, Sabrina sweeps in and snatches Cordell out of her clutches. Criminal slaves must be tortured, and Sabrina quickly warms to the task, taking Archer to a hedonistic resort where all perversions are available for a price. She soon drives him to the edges of sexual desperation with bondage, denial, spanking, tickling, teasing and more. She humiliates him publicly by displaying him naked and shackled before New York society. While Sabrina must still surrender Archer to the Countess for the remainder of his servitude, she plants agents to watch for the double-cross that is sure to come. And suddenly Archer vanishes! F/m. Graphic sexual content.

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