Vanishing Virgins - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Image © Mayer George -
  • ISBN: 9781942331377
  • Page Count: 107
  • Publish Date: 05/08/2015
  • Word Count: 57175
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Vanishing Virgins by Roger Hastings

Moments before her wedding, the young bride, Edith Odette, is swept from the chapel by unknown assailants. The proud but whimpering daughter of a London judge is held captive at a mansion in a remote corner of Scotland. She’s bound in chains; her clothes cut from her body; and after she’s whipped, she’s forcibly taken by the treacherous Dr. Valentine and his crude associates. While Edith prays for rescue, Victorian London’s most famous detective, Edward Rand, is contacted by the Queen to investigate the disappearance of several beautiful young women – all daughters from London’s most aristocratic families. There are no ransom demands, and Rand suspects that the girls have been abducted by his archenemy, Dr. Valentine. If he is unable to rescue them, the luckless beauties will be sold to white slavers. Edward and his associate are soon hot on their trail, even as another beauty, Violet Worthington, has been abducted by the unscrupulous Doctor. As he trains his girls to serve the sexual needs of men, Hastings details graphic scenes of cruel bondage, terrifying punishment and sexual surrender.

A Stirring plot, well-drawn characters – everything to titillate readers who love the extremes of S&M erotica.

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