Voluntary Prisoner - ebook

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  • Artist Credit: Cover Art Image © JG Leather's Archives
  • ISBN: 9781945648328
  • Page Count: 123
  • Publish Date: 05/26/2017
  • Word Count: 75427
  • Item #: PF6257e
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Voluntary Prisoner by JG Leathers

Happily married Alaric and Morgana purchase a remote horse ranch in order for Alaric to fully immerse himself in his kinky pursuits, which include cross-dressing, chastity devices, strict and complete rubber enclosure, breath restriction, harnesses, suspension and isolation. No horses are necessary, just the multiple facilities available, including a vast horse training arena. While Morgana has no interest in his kinky fascinations, she leaves her husband free to do as he desires.

Months later, while Morgana is away visiting friends, Alaric arranges for a total self-bondage experience from which he’ll be unable to escape. He enlists the help of his Mistress friend to release him later that day (he hopes!), after some thrilling torment. An ingenious computer will control every facet of the bondage. He will be partially-gagged within a locked-on gas mask and helmet, denied of sight and sound. He’ll have no idea of what is to come, or when, for how long, or the strength of the torment he will be compelled to endure. He knows only that he’ll be milked both as a female .... and as a male. While many other nasty surprises await!

What he also doesn't know is that his Mistress friend has been working with his wife to create this exact situation. And now he’s willingly, unknowingly, fallen into the trap they've set ... And there is no way out!  He’ll be thoroughly and permanently enslaved, trained, sex-changed and tormented as a fully controlled rubber toy, kept forever in a horribly effective and punitive chastity ensemble. So begins the tale of his descent into a world of bondage and discipline he’s only dreamt about – a nightmarish reality from which he cannot escape. His lovely wife has turned into the cruelest of Mistress's, and his fate is in her hands!

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